Skyscapes for the Soul - Original Acrylic Paintings of Skies and their reflections in Water

Some of the paintings are available at other locations from time to time. Prices are exclusive of a shipping contribution and California sales tax, if applicable. If you live close enough I could deliver a large painting or you could collect it. For online sales I use Paypal/Zelle or cash/credit/check if we are meeting in person. I do not offer paintings click-to-buy on my website as they are often at galleries or with me at art fairs. Please email me at skyscapesforthesoul [at] gmail [dot] com to inquire and I can then confirm availability.

Red Zipper Cottonwood Cove III Spine Trail
"Red Zipper" "Cottonwood Cove III" "Spine Trail"
We should Into the light II Peace and Turbulence
"We should've made hay yesterday" "Into the light II" "Peace and Turbulence"
Solstice Moon Storm at Sunset Jim
"Solstice Moon" "Storm At Sunset" "Jim's Sunrise"
The Old Red Overalls I City Lights II Lacy Edges
"The Old Red Overalls I" "City Lights II" "Lacy Edges"
Last Line of Retreat Shocker More Carnations
"Last Line of Retreat" "Shocker" "More Carnations"
Ojai Road II Two Bluebirds I Salton Sea Morning
"Ojai Road II" "Two Bluebirds I" "Salton Sea Morning"