Skyscapes for the Soul - Original Mixed Media Paintings of Skies and their reflections in Water

Some of the paintings are available at other locations from time to time. Please check the individual painting's page by clicking on the image. If it does not say otherwise, the painting is available direct from my studio. To order or inquire about a painting please e-mail me at skyscapesforthesoul [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you would like to see how one of these refractured watercolors is made, please click HERE

Prices are exclusive of shipping and California sales tax, if applicable. If you live close enough I could deliver the painting or you could collect it. For online sales I use a Paypal account or cash/credit if we are meeting in person. I do not offer paintings click-to-buy on my website as they are often at art fairs. Please email to inquire and I can then confirm availability and calculate a total delivery price for you..

Joshua Gateway The Four Hours of Equinox One Side
"Joshua Gateway" "The Four Hours of Equinox" "One Side"
Perspective Arrows Wiest Lake
"Perspective" "Arrows" "Wiest Lake"
Vermillion Delight The Setting Sun Sea Dragon
"Vermillion Delight" "The Setting Sun" "Sea Dragon"
Ancestors Without Color Gaze
"Ancestors" "Without Color" "Gaze"
Breathless Ocean Crimson Thread
"Breathless" "Ocean''s Draw" "Crimson Thread"
Creosote and Sand Equinox Full Moon Ocean
"Creosote and Sand" "Equinox Full Moon" "Ocean''s View"
Intertwine Round Astonishes
"Intertwine" "Round" "Astonishes"
The Greening II Going Places The church over the hill
"The Greening II" "Going Places" "The church over the hill"
Flitting Leaf Breath Brightening
"Flitting" "Leaf Breath" "Brightening"
Absorbing The sky is falling II Turquoise Jewels
"Absorbing" "The sky is falling II" "Turquoise Jewels"
Gentle Storm Mirage Rose Ochre Morning
"Gentle Storm" "Mirage" "Rose Ochre Morning"
Gold Star Love Rain II Another
"Gold Star" "Love Rain II" "Another''s Eyes"
Today is a gift Morning Thermals One Palm Morning
"Today is a gift" "Morning Thermals" "One Palm Morning"
Rising together Fragments The Dancers
"Rising together" "Fragments" "The Dancers"
Approaching Angels Royal Sunset Just Chillin II
"Approaching Angels" "Royal Sunset" "Just Chillin II"
I love morning Cloudy Morning Delicate Atmosphere
"I love morning" "Cloudy Morning" "Delicate Atmosphere"
Old Moon #2 Amazing Storm Night watch
"Old Moon II" "Amazing Storm" "Night watch"
Black and Green Remember Butterflies Just Keep Flying
"Black and Green" "Remember Butterflies" "Just Keep Flying"
Between Heaven Rain Flowers
"Between" "Heaven''s Tears" "Rain Flowers"
We Fall Little Wisps Inexplicable
"We Fall" "Little Wisps" "Inexplicable"
Spinning World Wishing Stars Golden Dawn
"Spinning World" "Wishing Stars" "Golden Dawn"
Stormiest Days Chameleon Sky Bringers
"Stormiest Days" "Chameleon Sky" "Bringers"