"Vermillion Delight" 40x30 x 2 Mixed Media on panel. $2,400.
The following poem is also painted into the painting.
"Vermillion Delight".
The silvery mists rise from a velvet night
bringing a hint of color to a sky
of folds and frills and turns of clouds that lie
upon the water, gently kissed by light.
The red and purple hues that mill around
within the wide arms of the cool lake's cove
and mingle with the violet and mauve
will, once the sun's first seeking ray is found,
burst into fire. Vermillion fills the skies
and crimson flecks the hanging water's veil
for just a moment, til the day will pale
these colors to nothing as the sun will rise
and warm the mists to vapor hid from sight
but maybe left a moment of delight.