"Night Storm" #1118. 36x24 Mixed Media on panel. $1,000. The following poem is also painted into the painting.
"Night Storm".
The rolling hills of clouds above the sun
last shining neath the pretty virga veil
brings promises of thunder, ran and hail.
storm covering us as night has just begun.
The velvet mass dark blue against the blond
threatens to continue through the night
reminding us of formless airs great night
by shocking us with its electric wand
of fear. We sleepless lie beneath our rooves,
praying that they'll hold against the storm
and not let hail invade the shelter's form
beyond the sounds of water-horses' hooves.
And when the storm has passed, we will breathe deep
and, looking forward to the morning, sleep.
Here you can see the texture and poem up close in a short video: Night Storm